Getting the Brexit deal right will define our future: our place in the world, our economic security, and our future prosperity.
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THE CHOICE AT THIS ELECTION: Getting the Brexit Deal Right

The next five years are crucial to our country. Getting the Brexit deal right will define our future: our place in the world, our economic security, and our future prosperity.

The EU want negotiations to begin on June 19th – just 11 days after you vote in the election. We need a strong hand in those negotiations to get the best Brexit deal for families across the UK. Now more than ever, Britain needs strong and stable leadership with Theresa May.


Your vote at this election will decide who sits in the negotiating chair for Britain: Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

The EU wants the Brexit negotiations to begin on 19th June – just 11 days after the election. So whoever is Prime Minister will need to be ready to enter some of the most important negotiations our country has ever faced – and get the best deal for Britain.

The outcome of these negotiations is central to everything. Our economic security. Jobs in your area. The prices in our shops. The success of small businesses across the country. Your standard of living. Our schools, hospitals and public services. Control of our borders, our immigration levels and even our national security arrangements.

Our nation’s and your family’s future depend on getting Brexit right – and it won’t be easy. We will have to negotiate with 27 EU countries to get a deal that covers almost every aspect of life in the UK.

So your vote will decide who sits in the negotiating chair and fights for Britain.


If we get Brexit right – with a deal that takes back control of our borders, laws and money – then we can move forward together as a country. Theresa May and the Conservatives’ Plan will build a stronger Britain beyond Brexit. New trade deals. More secure and well-paid jobs. New protections for workers. More affordable housing. Protection from unfair energy price rises. A good school place for every child. A strong economy to pay for a strong NHS. And a more secure and united Britain.

With a strong hand in Brexit negotiations, Theresa May can guarantee our economic security and deliver her plan that will:

Secure the best deal from Brexit to control our laws, borders and money.
Strike new trade deals for our goods and services with new friends and old partners around the world.
Back those who want to work hard, by helping businesses create more and better-paid jobs – with new rights and protections for workers.
Help more people have a home of their own by building more affordable houses.
Tackle the cost of living by capping rip-off energy tariffs and keeping taxes low.
Make sure every child gets the best start in life by increasing school funding every year, and provide real technical education for young people.
Increase the NHS budget every year to ensure every family has the care they need, and we can pay for and provide care for the elderly.
Protect our national security and defences by fighting terrorism and taking effective action against extremists.

It will either be Theresa May, with a strong and stable Government, and a clear plan for Brexit. Or Jeremy Corbyn and a hung parliament, with the SNP and Lib Dems pulling his strings.

And every vote counts: a loss of just 6 seats would mean the Conservatives lose their majority and risks putting Jeremy Corbyn in charge of Brexit.

But every vote for Theresa May’s team will strengthen her hand in these crucial negotiations – and help us move forward together, through Brexit and beyond. Back Theresa May and her team on 8th June – to give her the strongest possible hand in Brexit negotiations, and deliver her Plan for a Stronger Britain for you and your family.

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