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Statement regarding the injunction granted for Leeds City Council in relation to anti social driving of motor vehicles


Leeds City Council has been granted a five year injunction prohibiting anti social driving across the Leeds area at Leeds County Court today (Tuesday 10 January).

Councillor Debra Coupar, executive board member with responsibility for communities said:

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the hearing today, and hope this sends out a clear message to anyone thinking of behaving in a similar manner in the future that if they do take part, it will not be ignored and they will face tough consequences.

“The injunction is there to help provide us with the tools to take proactive action against those individuals who are seeking to behave in such an irresponsible way as to pose issues to the safety of other motorists and pedestrians in built up areas of the city.”

“We want to stress that this injunction will in no way affect those motorcyclists and others who enjoying riding in groups in a law abiding and sensible fashion through our city, and we are more than happy to work with groups such as MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) to ensure this happens.”

The police have wide ranging powers to deal with people who use their vehicles in an anti-social manner. Apart from prosecuting offenders for motoring offences that could lead to being disqualified from driving, the police can also rely on a power to seize motor vehicles using Sec 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002.