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Candidates standing in Leeds City Council election May 3 2018


The below information relates the election which will be held on 3 May 2018.

All the seats for Leeds City Council are up for election this year and you can check the full list of candidates who will be standing to be a councillor in your area here

The major difference is that you will be able to vote for three councillors. This is because Leeds City Council has recently been through a ward boundary review and some ward boundaries have changed. There have always been three councillors per ward, but in past elections you’ve only needed to vote for one at a time.

For this election your ballot paper will include many more candidates and you will be able to select up to three. You can only vote for one candidate once – you won’t be able to give two or three votes to one candidate. If you choose to you can opt to vote for only one or two candidates.

The May 3 2018 vote in Leeds is what is termed as an “all-out” election, as all 99 local council seats will be contested.  Further information about the election, including how to register to vote, request a postal vote and lots of other related issues is available here on Leeds City Council website

The Leeds area is made up of 33 wards. You can find out who has been nominated in your ward by clicking the relevant download link below