Flamingos at Lotherton bird garden
Flamingos at Lotherton bird garden
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Flamingos living the high life in luxurious new home

A flock of fabulous flamingos will be in the pink as they spread their wings inside a spectacular new enclosure.

The colourfully-feathered birds will explore their new home at Lotherton Wildlife World next week as the first phase of the impressive attraction is finally completed.

The new seven metre high aviary will be home to 33 birds and will include heated indoor quarters and even a heated indoor pool where the flamingos can warm up during cold snaps.

Experts at Lotherton are hoping the flock, which now includes pure bread, Chilean flamingos, can start producing eggs and take part in the international breeding programme to protect and preserve the species.

Maria Akers, Lotherton’s estate manager, said: “The new enclosure will really give the flamingos more of a chance to display their natural behaviour, with space for them to fly and new areas where they can nest and hopefully raise chicks.

“This will give visitors a better opportunity to observe and learn about these beautiful birds and hopefully enable us to contribute to ongoing efforts to protect and preserve them for future generations.”

As well as the flamingo enclosure, the newly-finished parts of the attraction include a brand new main entrance to the park complete with a timber boardwalk that winds through the Forest Zone.

The area will be home to Arthur, the attraction’s resident tapir, and the new Visayan warty pigs, with an all-weather viewing area for the flamingo enclosure and tapir paddock.

Visayan warty pigs are critically endangered and one of the rarest pigs in the world, with only 200 remaining in the wild.

One of the rare resident pigs will be arriving from Flamingo Land and is named Ben, with two more named Hansel and Arthur arriving from Cotswold Wildlife Park.

There will also be a modern new shop and information point at the entrance which will begin the visitor journey.

Councillor Lucinda Yeadon, Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and sustainability, said: “Wildlife World is growing into a truly spectacular attraction and we’re very proud of the work we’re doing to improve the habitats of these remarkable animals whilst also helping to ensure rare and endangered species have a safe and sustainable future.

“Not only will this attraction make a huge contribution to our visitor economy but also, as the many people who visit learn more about the animals they see, they will hopefully be inspired and encouraged to do their bit to help protect the planet and its vulnerable species.”

The completion of the new areas of Wildlife World follows the hugely-successful opening of the new 120,000 litre penguin pool earlier this year, which is home to an excitable colony of 17 Humboldt penguins.

For more details on Wildlife World, please visit: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries

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