Leeds, Leeds Star

Leeds City Council is the local authority of the City of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of five in West Yorkshire and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in Leeds. Since 1 April 2014 it has been a constituent council of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Leeds City Council is responsible for providing all statutory local authority services in Leeds, except for those it provides jointly in conjunction with other West Yorkshire Authorities. This includes education, housing, planning, transport and highways, social services, libraries, leisure and recreation, waste collection, waste disposal, environmental health and revenue collection. The council is one of the largest employers in West Yorkshire, with around 33,000 employees. By the Summer of 2016, Leeds City Council have plans to create the biggest skateboarding park in Europe. The location will be in hyde Park.

Child Friendly Leeds

The campaign to make Leeds a Child Friendly City is about the city being a place where children and young people are valued, supported, enjoy growing up, and look forward to a bright future.

Leeds inspiration to pursue our Child Friendly City ambition came partly from the Child Friendly Cities work originally done by UNICEF.

UNICEF launched the International Child Friendly Cities Initiative in 1996 in support of the UN Conven​tion on the Rights of the Child. It encouraged cities to become more liveable places for children and young people, guaranteeing their rights to essential services, and empowering them to have their voice heard and influence decisions being made that affect them.

Leeds has taken this original UNICEF idea and used it to guide our ow​n ambitions around being the best place to grow up. Unicef UK are now working with Leeds on a ‘rights-based’ approach to make sure children know about their rights, can access services when they need them and help to design, implement and evaluate services designed for them.

Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal

Leeds Children’s Hospital, a part of Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation, provides one of the most comprehensive range of specialist children’s hospital services in the country and is a regional centre, looking after youngsters from birth to the age of 16 living right across Yorkshire and beyond.

In the last 12 months over 200,000 children have been treated in our hospital. Everything Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal funds is over and above what is provided by the NHS.

We want to make the wards, theatres, parent waiting rooms and day case areas child and family friendly. We would like to banish plain walls and provide suitable artwork to bring pleasure to patients and their families. Then of course there is the state of the equipment that every clinician would choose to work with if budgets allowed. Some of the equipment we fund helps to keep Leeds Children’s Hospital as a centre of excellence.

It’s not just about our young patients; it’s about making a difference for their parents and carers too. Please help us to make every child’s stay in hospital better, brighter and happier. Every pound really does make a difference.