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Poster to highlight the Party Animals campaign
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Young people warned about the risks of party invites over the festive season

Young people across Leeds are being reminded how to keep themselves and their friends safe this party season, to avoid becoming a victim of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The Leeds Safeguarding Children Board is highlighting the ‘Party Animals’ campaign over the Christmas season, to warn teenagers about the potential dangers of attending parties or ‘get-togethers’ – especially on the promise of free drink and drugs.

The way perpetrators of Child Sexual Exploitation target their victims is regularly evolving and changing as they seek to avoid detection and prosecution. One way in which perpetrators are increasingly targeting teenagers is the ‘party model’, where groups of young people are groomed by other young people and are invited to parties with the promise of free drink and drugs.

Dr Mark Peel, the chair of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board said:

“Although these parties or get-togethers can and do take place all year round, we know that there is an increase in this model of sexual exploitation at this time of year. This is why we are reminding young people across the city to be alert to these kind of offers and try not to be taken in by promises of free drink and drugs.”

As part of the campaign, which will be seen on social media, young people are being advised to be wary of being invited to a party or get-together where:

  • You don’t know the person whose party it is
  • You are being offered free drink, free drugs and a lift
  • You don’t know the person who has invited you
  • Accepting the invitation could lead to you feeling pressured into doing things that you don’t want to do.

Further information can be found at:

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