Newborn fawns Lotherton
The new members of the Lotherton family are busy settling in to the beautiful 30 acre deer park in the grounds.
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Visitors delighted as Lotherton welcomes 25 newborn fawns

Historic Leeds country estate, Lotherton, is celebrating the safe arrival of 25 stunning newborn fawns.

The new members of the Lotherton family are busy settling into the beautiful 30-acre deer park in the grounds. Visitors of all ages can make the most of the recent sunshine by walking along the deer park trail and into the hide, which provides the perfect cover to spot the shy newborns.

The original herd of deer first came to Lotherton from Huddersfield over 25 years ago. Now, Lotherton is home to 25 breeding hinds of various ages, the oldest being 17 years old.

All of the hinds have all given birth successfully this year and the healthy newborns were up on their feet and running around just three days after birth.

Visitors can learn all about the pure English Red deer during their visit to the deer park, as well as meeting plenty of other animals in Lotherton’s impressive Wildlife World. Visitors can discover the playful Humboldt penguins, colourful flamingos and the newly arrived tapirs and capybaras. The deer park and Wildlife World sit aside other attractions including picnic areas, play areas, a gift shop and café.

Once visitors have enjoyed the outside delights of Lotherton Hall, they can take a look around the inside of the house to see what life was like in Edwardian times. Discover a range of rare items and collections and an interactive area that allows visitors to learn about one of Lotherton’s most famous families, the Gascoignes, and their travels around the world from the 1700s. There’s also a dressing-up room so not only will you feel like you’ve gone back in time, you will look like you have too.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and Active Lifestyles, said:

“We are delighted to welcome so many fawns to Lotherton this year and we are ecstatic to hear that all 25 newborns are happy and healthy.

“There is so much to see, do and learn at Lotherton and I encourage you to get outside in the glorious sunshine, visit the deer park, try and spot the cute newborns and spend the rest of the day exploring the estate. It really is a fantastic place to visit.”

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