Fearnville fields secondary school
Proposal for a new secondary school at Fearnville fields
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Update on proposals to develop a new school on Fearnville fields

Leeds City Council has responded to resident’s concerns by announcing it will not pursue proposals recently consulted on for a new secondary school at Fearnville fields.

In a statement made to a public meeting held in the area on Friday evening, Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Leeds City Council’s executive member for children and families announced that she will not be recommending that the proposals for Fearnville fields proceed and that a number of alternative sites are now being assessed.

Councillor Mulherin said: “As a council we take public consultation seriously and we listen carefully to views expressed by local residents and their elected representatives.

“Councillors Hyde, Selby, Arif, Maqsood and Hussain have all put forward alternative sites to be considered for the new secondary school that will be needed in this area in 2020 given the growth in pupil numbers at primary school that will be moving through to secondary school age and those sites are being thoroughly assessed to see if they can meet the need.

“As a result of the concerns of local residents, led by local councillors and Richard Burgon MP, I can confirm that I will be recommending that we do not progress the proposals consulted on recently to develop a school on Fearnville fields.”

Data shows two new secondary schools will be needed in the wider East Leeds area by 2022, with an additional 307 Year 7 places needed for 2020 and 435 Year 7 places required for 2021 which is significantly more than current capacity in existing schools.

In addition planned new housing in the East Leeds Extension contains proposals for around 5,000 new homes which will generate further demand for school places.

Extensive consultation has been carried out in the local area and feedback from local parents and residents taken into consideration.

A further update on future proposals for the new school will be announced in the coming months.

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