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The Lord Mayor Councillor Gerry Harper and Councillor Ryk Downes (on the left) are pictured with fellow trainees being shown how to do CPR. Training was provided by Heart Medical on behalf of Heart Research UK.
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Lord Mayor adds his support to Leeds Civic Hall Epilepsy Action and Heart Research free awareness training sessions

Training on how to treat an epileptic seizure and also spot the signs and symptoms of a heart attack are being held at Leeds Civic Hall as part of free awareness sessions supported by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Gerry Harper.

Delivered by Epilepsy Action and Heart Research which are the Lord Mayor’s chosen charities this year, the sessions provide those participating with a chance to find out more about what to do and the action to take in the event of illness or an emergency. After a successful first session, a second event is to be held on Friday, May 5, with more potentially planned.

Epilepsy Action is a charity close to the Lord Mayor Councillor Gerry Harper’s heart, following his diagnosis for the condition in 2004, which is now controlled with medication. The sessions delivered by Epilepsy Action last for three hours and explain the different types of seizures, diagnosis and treatment as well as what to do if you witness a seizure.

The second session delivered by Heart Medical, help people to recognise the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and teach them basic first aid in the event of a cardiac arrest, including how to use a defibrillator.

The Lord Mayor has close family who’ve suffered with heart disease and it was with this firmly in his mind, that he made the decision to also support Heart Research during his mayoral year. Joining the Lord Mayor at the first session was Councillor Ryk Downes who suffered a near-fatal heart attack last year and only survived because passers-by knew what to do and because there was a community defibrillator on-hand.

To find out more about the sessions, please contact via email: LordMayorsOffice@leeds.gov.uk

Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Gerry Harper said:

“I am delighted we are providing free training for members of the public who want to learn how they can help someone who is having an epileptic fit or heart attack.

“After they’ve completed the training course they will not only have the skills, but also the confidence to know what to do in an emergency situation until help arrives and this will definitely save lives and make our community a safer place.”

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