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Local Business Successfully Launches In COVID-19 Crisis To Help Spread Happiness Across The Country


Tell Her You Care, a Leeds business, recently launched sending beautifully wrapped meaningful postcards and luxury chocolate through the post to help friends and family stay in contact with each other through these times of isolation.

Founder, Lucy Owen had the idea after losing her much loved Dad to cancer in September 2019.  She said:

“I found grieving a hugely lonely process; it felt like people didn’t know what to say so they didn’t say anything at all.  I felt lost and alone in a new world that I didn’t want to be in.  But there were a few people who really made all the difference in those first few months. I will never forget the friends who kept ringing and texting me even when I wasn’t replying or picking up.

Who kept doing things to show me they cared. In those weeks and months, it was the little things that meant the most. One friend sent me a postcard that said, I see how much you are holding together, and I think you’re brilliant. Another friend sent me some chocolate and I cried. These two, seemingly tiny, acts of kindness meant the world. They told me someone was thinking of me and remembered that my world was forever different now.

And that’s when I decided that I wanted to help people to be able to make their friends feel like that. I wanted to create an easy way for women to support other women and bring some sunshine into their lives, even in their darkest hours.

With so many people currently grieving in isolation or finding it hard to get through the day without being able to see their loved ones, I thought that people needed to be shown that they were loved more than ever before.”

Therefore, the local business decided to launch early having seen a huge gap in the market for affordable posted gifts that despite the low price point, still made the person feel really special and loved. All gifts are £10 including P&P and personalised message on the back of the chosen postcard. The idea was a huge hit from the get-go with hundreds of gifts already being sent across the country.

Tell Her You CareLucy commented: “We have been overwhelmed with the number of orders and lovely comments we have read about the product – there have been lots of smiles and happy tears as recipients have been given a much-needed boost at a time when so many people feel alone.

Reading the comments that people are sending to their loved ones really makes us quite emotional at times! There are messages of admiration for key workers, virtual hugs for grandmas who miss their grandchildren, strength and compassion for people who are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel and love for friends who are grieving by themselves.”

As well as the packages themselves spreading sunshine, Tell Her You Care chose to support a local charity. With every purchase made, THYC make a donation to Behind Closed Doors, a Leeds charity that supports people who have been affected by domestic abuse and violence. Sadly, as people are confined at home with their abusers, their service has never been more needed.

What’s more, everything (apart from the actual chocolate) is recyclable to ensure the business limits its environmental impact. Tell Her You Care is a local initiative driven by making a positive impact in people’s lives. A business with a conscience, giving back to the local community and bucking the trend to grow in a time of huge economic uncertainty.

Tell Her You Care


Lucy has previous media experience via her charity roles and is happy to have phone or zoom interviews. Tell Her You Care launched on 31st March 2020. Individuals can choose the perfect postcard with handwritten note on the back and favourite Lindt chocolate. Both are beautifully wrapped and delivered by first class post. All packages are £10 including all P&P.

After much demand, we will be launching a range specifically for men in the coming weeks. Founder, Lucy has lived in Leeds for 11 years and worked in the charity sector for 15 years.  Currently working for a charity that supports children with additional needs and their families.

All is done safely at the click of a button by visiting

Behind Closed Doors helps people throughout Leeds whose lives have been, or are, affected by domestic violence and abuse to cope, recover and move on from their experiences.