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Further grant funding set to benefit communities in Leeds is secured


Leeds City Council has successfully secured further grant funding from the Ministry for Housing Communities and Local Government Controlling Migration Fund.

This additional funding will continue the work which is taking place to enable the city to work with all communities, to build on their strengths, to address concerns and reduce pressures on services.

Leeds is a welcoming and compassionate city and has one of the most diverse and changing cultural populations in the UK and communities in the city are able to demonstrate resilience. The Learning English in Leeds Project will help to save costs for the council and their partners, unlock the capabilities of new communities and help to promote good relations between communities.

This work will complement the council’s ‘Strong Communities Benefitting from a Strong City’, Breakthrough Project. This is cross-cutting programme of work which seeks to promote good community relations, cultural and religious tolerance and respect, and the celebration of cultural diversity. The council are keen to address real and perceived issues to help to build resilience and cohesion within communities.

Councillor Debra Coupar, Executive Board Member for Communities Leeds City Council, said:

“This is further good news for Leeds in a time when the council is having to make significant cuts and continues to recognise the work that is already taking place with existing and new communities to build on their strengths, to address concerns and reduce pressure on services.

This grant funding will help us to continue our journey to be the Best City for Communities and build on our ambition to be a compassionate and welcoming city through encouraging communities to be empowered and contribute to local actions which build strong and resilient communities.”