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Ruth Martin, Leeds City Museum's curator of exhibitions, with Snow and Mist (Caprice in Yellow Minor) by John Atkinson Grimshaw
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For all Seasons- Snow and Mist (Caprice in Yellow Minor) by John Atkinson Grimshaw

A painting which encapsulates the wintry beauty of a snow-covered landscape, this captivating scene was painted by one of Leeds’s most celebrated artists.

John Atkinson Grimshaw, who was born and raised in Leeds, painted Snow and Mist (Caprice in Yellow Minor) in 1892-93.

The painting is one of a number of his stunning works which are currently on display at Leeds City Museum as part of For All Seasons, an exhibition celebrating the changing seasons and the influence they have on the world around us.

Like many of Grimshaw’s paintings, it uses colour and lighting, vivid detail and realism, and captures the mood of a particular season or type of weather.

Ruth Martin, Leeds City Museum’s curator of exhibitions said:

“Looking at this painting, it’s almost impossible not to think of being outside on a cold, snowy day and like much of Grimshaw’s work, it evokes the thoughts, feeling and sensations associated with a particular season.

“The changing seasons have been an inspiration for so many of our most celebrated artists, which demonstrates their unique power to govern our emotions and memories. We’re very fortunate to have these beautiful paintings on display to help us illustrate how the seasons make us feel and how important they are to our lives.”

For All Seasons, which is free to enter, can be found in Leeds City Museum’s special exhibitions gallery.

As well as Grimshaw’s paintings, other objects on display illustrate spring, summer, autumn and winter alongside imaginative centrepieces including a giant sandcastle, indoor tree, traditional sledge and hook-a-duck pond.

Other exhibits include a spectacular variety of wildlife, some 100 year-old decorative Easter eggs, delicate ceramics, paintings and historic seasonal fashions.

The exhibition is also accompanied by specially-recorded classical piano sheet music from the museum’s collection.

Councillor Brian Selby, Leeds City Council’s lead member for museums and galleries said:

“The seasons, and the profound effect they have on the world, have been an inspiration to some of history’s most celebrated artists, sculptors, composers and musicians and it’s wonderful that the museum will be celebrating this in such an interactive and accessible way.

For All Seasons runs until August 28. For more details about the exhibition and the programme of activities, please visit: www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries

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