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Leeds residents encouraged to give composting a go for International Compost Week


Leeds City Council is inviting residents to come and learn about the many benefits of composting from an expert, as they prepare to tour garden centres across Leeds in celebration of International Compost Week (6—12 May).

Households are being encouraged to turn over a new leaf and give composting a go to reap the financial and environmental rewards.

Whether you’re green fingered or brown thumbed, composting is an easy, free and sustainable way of making organic fertiliser that you can use to help your garden or houseplants flourish and grow.

Throughout the week, the council’s Waste Recycling Advisors will have stalls at the following locations between 10 am and 2 pm:

  • Tuesday 8 May The Arium, LS14 3FB
  • Wednesday 9 May Langlands Garden Centre, LS15 4NF
  • Thursday 10 May The Arium, LS14 3FB
  • Friday 11 May High Trees Garden & Leisure, LS18 5HZ

There will be no need to walk on egg shells around the council’s knowledgeable experts—as they’ll be able to answer any question you have about getting started with (or better at) composting. Plus, you’ll be able to enter a cracking competition to win one of two full-size composters or an indoor bokashi bin.

Experts have calculated that the average household in Leeds could reduce their non-recycled waste by a whopping 150kg a year.

You won’t have to dig deep to start composting either; Leeds residents can benefit from special discounts on compost bins through Leeds City Council.

Whether you’re interested in indoor or outdoor composting, for more information about the variety of composting bins available residents are encouraged to visit