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Leeds sends message of congratulations as Bradford is named UK City of Culture 2025

Leeds has added its voice to the Yorkshire-wide chorus of praise celebrating Bradford’s success in the race to be named UK City of Culture 2025.

Bradford was confirmed this evening as the next holder of the four-yearly UK City of Culture title, seeing off competition from County Durham, Southampton and Wrexham.

Councillor James Lewis, leader of Leeds City Council said:

“We are so pleased that our friends and neighbours in Bradford have been successful, it’s a well-deserved reward for everyone who worked extremely hard on their bid for the title. Our two great cities have much in common, not least an ambition to create new opportunities and drive economic growth by showcasing the talents and potential of all their residents to the rest of the world.

“Being named UK City of Culture 2025 will give Bradford the perfect opportunity to do exactly that, and their time in the spotlight will also help fly the flag for the artistic and endlessly-creative endeavours of Yorkshire as a whole. As plans for our own Leeds 2023 cultural celebrations continue to gather momentum, we can now also wait with interest and excitement to see what Bradford has in store for its extra-special year.”

Bradford has been named as UK City of Culture 2025. In May 2022, live on BBC The One Show, Bradford was announced as winner of the UK City of Culture 2025 title. Bradford district’s year of culture is set to deliver more than 1,000 new performances and events including 365 artist commissions, a series of major arts festivals and major national and international collaborations.

As the UK’s youngest city (29% of our population are under 20 and nearly a quarter under 16), our young people will help deliver a year of culture that is both recognisably Bradford and Bradford’s history of fierce independence and of progressive social reform and its spectacular cultural heritage offer a powerful launchpad for a UK City of Culture celebration in 2025 that could only happen in Bradford.

Our bid is backed by Bradford Metropolitan District Council forming part of Culture is Our Plan – Bradford Council’s cultural strategy until 2031. University of Bradford is a strategic partner and businesses from across the district have backed the bid. Its themes will be rooted in the unique heritage and character of Bradford and will reveal the magic of the district that is held in its people, its ambition, and above all, its potential.

So much hard work has gone on across the district and we’d like to thank all the people who have helped shape the process, from community organisations, the creative sector, businesses, and a whole host of groups who have put on a fantastic show of support.

This is Our Time, Our Place www.bradford2025.co.uk

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