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A range of sound equipment was seized following continued reports of noise nuisance.
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Sound equipment removed from three properties and home closed following operation to tackle noise nuisance

Sound equipment has been seized from a number of properties in north west Leeds and another home ‘closed’ after residents ignored previous warnings regarding unacceptable levels of noise.

This follows the approval of three Warrant of Entry Orders and a Premise Closure Order at Leeds Magistrates Court to support the wide-ranging work undertaken by the council’s Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT) and West Yorkshire Police to tackle noise nuisance specifically in the LS6 area of the city. As part of the operation, a range of items including loudspeakers and amplifiers were removed from the following properties; 3 Hessle View, 10 Hessle Mount and 8 Boston Exchange Court.

The tenants had previously received noise abatement notices stating they would face further action if music continued to be played at unacceptable levels and often late at night. Separately, 8b Hyde Park Terrace will now also be ‘closed’ for an initial three-month period in response to a variety of anti-social behaviour issues linked to noise nuisance.

During this time anyone other than the tenants, or the landlord are prohibited from accessing the property, and would be committing a criminal offence if they did so. Problems identified included the playing of loud amplified music in the early hours of the morning, the slamming of doors and shouting, as well as groups of people gathering outside the property causing disturbance to the local community.

To support its work, the council has also leafleted approximately 300 properties around the seizure addresses to raise awareness of the work being done to tackle noise nuisance and how to report any issues of concern. Any residents suffering from excessive and/or intrusive noise problems can get in touch with LASBT:

  • Online: www.leeds.gov.uk
  • Contact Centre: 0113 8689985.
  • Out of Hours Response Team (from 6pm): 0113 376 0337.

Councillor Debra Coupar, Leeds City Council’s executive board member for Safer Leeds said:

“We simply will not accept any form of noise nuisance in our communities and as this action shows, we will use every power at our disposal working closely with our partners at the police to put a stop to it.

“Through the warrants and court order that we were granted, we now have powers to enter and remove sound equipment, which we have done at these three properties today. We have also closed a property blighted by noise nuisance for a three-month period. We certainly take no pleasure in having to take this type of action. We will not stand by however if any residents decide to ignore the previous warnings they have been given regarding the levels of noise in and around the property they live in.

“With some coronavirus restrictions being relaxed by government in recent months, we understand that many people will want to meet up and enjoy themselves. All we ask is that people do it in a way that is respectful to both their neighbours and local community. Nobody should have to suffer from noise nuisance, and I would urge anyone who is experiencing a continued issue to please contact us as soon as possible.”

Acting Inspector Helen Oldridge, who heads the Leeds North West Neighbourhood Policing Team said:

“Noise nuisance impacts unfairly on the lives of other people in the community, and we continue to work in partnership with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team to tackle the issue.

“We hope this latest action will reassure residents and send a clear deterrent message to those who think they can blight people’s lives without having to face the consequences.”

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